I love working with clients on their commission pieces. It is a wonderful collaborative process between yourself and me the artist.  

It's such an honour and privilege to take your brief and to embark on a journey to produce a unique piece of art,  just for you.

What to expect when you commission me to create an artwork for you.

You can be assured that your ideas will be conveyed the way you wish. The consultations will give you the confidence that the finished artwork will be a beautiful bespoke piece of art, that you can be very proud of.

We will discuss the commission in great detail via consultations. (these can be held via telephone, email, video conferencing).

You will be sent several updates to show you how your artwork is progressing. I will always keep you fully up-to-date with the progress of your artwork. It is important to me you feel part of the creative process and that you have a story to tell others about your artwork.

Find below an idea of what is involved at each consultation.

Consultation 1:

This is the longest of the consultations. It is where we discuss your initial ideas for the artwork which include details as subject matter, colours, size and textures.

We also discuss where your artwork will hang, to get an idea of light and space.

A very approximate commission price list.
This is purely a guide, and does not include postage  & packaging:

Artwork size:

10cm x 10cm - £25

15cm x 15cm - £35

20cm x 20cm - £50

40cm x 40cm - £190

50cm x 50cm - £250

70cm x 70cm - £550

100cm x 100cm - £1,000

Please contact me here to discuss your ideas for a commission piece either for yourself, or as a unique gift for a loved one.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Consultation 2:

Here I will show you any sketches, drafts samples of textures and colours of how I envisage the artwork.

At this stage you are able to swap things around, introduce a few new ideas and change of colours. 

Once both parties are in agreement, a deposit will need to be secured (40% of the final cost) in order for the commission to start. 

Following communications will include progress photos of the artwork as it starts its creative journey. At all times changes can be made so you can be confident in the final piece.

Please feel free to check previous commissions here, to give you a flavour of what i can do for you.