Do you suffer from anxiety and or stress?

Here's how I can help you....

If you find your life or your workplace overwhelming, where you feel out of control, isolated and anxious, then my Stress Management sessions could be very beneficial to you. 

Alternatively, you could be very aware that you haven't found your purpose in life; that nagging feeling something is missing and you are just existing in your life as opposed to living it.

With the correct tools everyone can take control, improve their health (both physical and mental) and develop their career in a positive way.

The joy of using creativity allows me to work with people in a fun yet powerful way; positive changes are often seen  immediately.

Alternatively, you may be responsible for people in your place of work and may well be dealing with a high level of absenteeism, uninspired teams or individuals who are reluctant to change. My on-site courses could be just what you are looking for.

Why not do something a little different from the normal team building exercises. I provide creative workshops so your employees can improve communication, work better as a team, be a champion for change and deal with stress and anxiety in a constructive way.

One of the biggest challenges, is to be able to talk openly about your stressors and discuss how anxiety stops you living your life the way you want to.

Working in small groups (3-4 people) or on a one-to-one basis, I use creative based tools to allow individuals to relax and explore their anxiety and stress challenges in a calm environment without any judgement.

There is no prerequisite for you to be artistic or creative to work with me, in fact at the start of my sessions many of my clients say they "do not have a creative bone in their body". 

Benefits can be experienced  immediately. The tools I provide can also be used in almost any situation and I encourage my clients to share them with others.

Your initial consultation is always free and there is absolutes no obligation to continue with any sessions. 

Contact me here to discuss your personal situation and find out how I can assist you to combat stress and anxiety in your life.

 Specialised areas covered:

  • General Anxiety Disorder
  • Understanding Stress and identifying your stress buttons (Stressors)
  • Dealing with unhealthy coping mechanisms
  • Building self esteem and self confidence
  • Understanding how to listen properly to yourself and others
  • Strengthening your selfbelief
  • Discovering your creative self
  • Combat bullying 
  • Become a motivator and ambassador for change